Health Management Paradigms

The health management paradigms of all European Wellness Center are based on signature five-step algorithm, which was initially developed in its Swiss branch and subsequently extrapolated to all other centers all over the world.

European Wellness Retreat provide 5 Pillars of Health Management
for more holistic approach.

Pillar 1


Pillar 2


Pillar 3


Pillar 4


Pillar 5




Each pillar allows us to provide personalized care and treatment for individual health and needs.
Under capable hands, each patient will be treated for the root causes of their condition and symptoms in a holistic framework of our biological wellness integrative therapies.

Pillar 1: Diagnose

To begin treatment, it is vital for us to determine the underlying cause of disease and the real conditional state of each patient. This is achieved through lengthy wellness assessment, non-invasive clinical onsite testing as well as offsite pathology and laboratory tests. Our various instruments feature various complementary biomedical devices as well as conventional diagnostic tools.

Our various instruments feature various complementary biomedical devices as well as conventional diagnostic tools such as:

  • Bio Med Scan
  • Bio Medi Pulse Body Check
  • OligoScan (Heavy Metal Scanning)
  • Bio Mammo Scan
  • Bio EAV
  • Skin Health Analyzer
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Pillar 2: Detoxification

Cleansing the body of heavy metals and other toxic substances has many benefits, including energy level improvements, metabolic activation while boosting the efficiency of the body’s natural defenses. The consistent detoxification process remedies the adverse effects of stress in our body which improves the action repair and rejuvenate therapies.

Our various detox protocol may include:

  • Infrared Bio Resonance Therapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
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Pillar 3: Repair

Following the detoxification stage, a repair protocol is then implemented to help enhance the body’s natural defense and healing capacity for long-lasting wellness. Combination of several methods are done to  repair a patient’s immune system, strengthen the intestinal system, enhance blood circulation, and reinforce other physiological processes to restore the body’s internal balance.

Our various repair protocol may include:

  • Ozone Therapy
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Rasha Morphogenetic Harmonizer System
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Pillar 4: Rejuvenation

The stages of rejuvenation involve a range of individualized treatment prescribed to stimulate the body’s cellular renewal process ranging from oral rejuvenating supplements, bioactive anti-oxidants to the most advanced biomolecular peptide therapies.

We employ Biomolecular and Cellular Therapy that is specifically customized to a patients’ condition. This treatment is most intensive and as such will undergo strict screening to check the viability of such treatments on a patient.

Pillar 5: Maintenance

We create a continuous communication base care model that includes the patient, their medical records, the monitoring of their chronic problems, formal calendared health planning and immediate tele-diagnosis and treatment. All guests will be provided with customized prescription medical kits with voice and video access with E-Well Concierge Medicine with European Wellness Medical Team who have a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s medical situation.