Pillar 2: Detoxification

Cleansing the body of heavy metals and other toxic substances has many benefits,
including improving our energy levels and activating our metabolism, while boosting
the efficiency of the body’s natural defences. A consistent detoxification process remedies
the adverse effects of stress in our body and improves the action of Repair and Rejuvenate therapies.

Infrared Bio Resonance Therapy

The Infrared Sauna is used for detoxifying both metal and chemical contaminants from the body. It is an excellent therapy on its own or as an adjunct to other natural methods of detoxification. Other benefits include an enhanced immune system health, improved cardiovascular health, stress relief, weight and cellulite management, pain relief and skin beautification.

Indications: Used for cardiovascular rehabilitation, hypertension, chronic allergic rhinitis, diabetes, cancer, and chronic pain syndromes, etc.

Colon Hydrotherapy

During colon hydrotherapy, filtered water is used to flush out toxic buildup in the bowel including fecal waste, intestinal parasites, harmful bacteria, mucus and gas. Water enters the body and fills the lumen of the colon, producing a gentle pressure against the colon wall. This action initiates peristalsis which, combined with the water, propels waste matter out of the body. It is a natural and gentle way of enhancing a compromised digestive system and treating problems with eliminating waste.

Indications: Used to clear the body of toxins leading to improved muscle tone of the colon, reduced toxic waste and absorption, increased digestive function, increases elimination of parasites, bad bacteria and fungi, clears the lymphatic system increases immunity, clearer skin and eyes, clarity of mind and increased vitality.