Biomolecular Peptide Therapies

Cells are the most basic and fundamental functional unit of an organism,
with some four trillion in the human body.

We began as one unified cell, which multiplied and grew to form tissues, organs and complex systems – all interdependent, from the largest to the smallest parts. Each cell makes us. While cells age, die or become damaged, the cell renewal process sustain our body with new ones. However, as we age, this process slows down, and the growing number of health risk that damage and debilitate our fabric puts us at risk of premature aging and developing degenerative diseases, or even cancer. Our therapies addresses these issues with peptides rich in amino acids and tissue building nutrients to nourish, rebuild and sustain the body. Our peptide therapies are drug-free and perfectly safe.

*Peptides are short chains of 20 or fewer amino acids, shorter than in proteins. Natural cellular and tissue regeneration involve peptide chains and they can either induce or inhibit biological effects, acting as agonists in physiological systems. When used therapeutically, peptides recognized within the human physiology- are highly specific in their activity, and effective at low doses with no toxicity and minimal side effects. The administration of peptide bio-regulators enable effective prevention of premature aging and therapy of age related disease.

We do not offer a panacea or a quick fix for diseases and chronic degenerative diseases. Natural tissue repair takes time and involves various processes within the human physiology. What we offers is the right combination of biological nutrition and nourishment for your body to heal and regenerate.

Joint Health & Anti-Inflammation

  • Suppress inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Chondro protection
  • Cartilage regeneration
  • Reduce depression

Recommended for patients with early to mid-stage arthritis and non-arthritic adults seeking to maintain good musculoskeletal and joint health. Relieves musculoskeletal, rheumatic and arthritic pain, and a preventive system against potential onset of arthritis by alleviating conditions associated with early stage of musculoskeletal and joint inflammation.

Sexual Health & Libido Enhancement

  • Activate nitric oxide and improve Erectile Function
  • Inhibit PDE-5 selectively and increase Genital Blood Flow
  • Battle against sexual exhaustion and Increase Sex Drive
  • Reduce performance anxiety or depression and Increase Sexual Mood
  • Enhance physical Endurance and Energy for greater sexual performance
  • Increase sensitivity and vasodilation for intense Sexual Arousal

Recommended for men and women seeking to maintain good sexual health and optimized libido levels, and patients with erectile dysfunction or other sexual disorders.

Muscle Building & Slimming

  • Activate the Energy Powerhouse in your body
  • Supercharge your Energy Consumption and break down fats
  • Ramp up your Feel Good Mood and perform well under stress
  • Increase your Glucose Conversion and battle off insulin resistance
  • Lower your body’s appetite and Regulate Food Intake
  • Switch off your body’s Fat Factory and fight against myostatin

Recommended for overweight patients generally with BMI index of 25-30, and those seeking to achieve greater muscle definition and lean muscle mass. Supports weight loss , decrease fat absorption, stimulate metabolism, enhance muscular strength and endurance and increase fat oxidation.

Biological Balance Through Detoxification

  • Heavy metal detoxification
  • Antioxidant and anti -microbial
  • Increases and restores mental alertness
  • Improve nutrient absorption in gastrointestinal tract
  • Improve mental and physical functions
  • Stress reliever
  • Prevents susceptibility to infection
  • No more painful, uncomfortable, long hours of chelation for removal of heavy metals

Most heavy metals are toxic in large quantities. If left unchecked, they can accumulate in the biological systems and imitate the action of essential elements in the body, thus interfering with crucial metabolic processes. Heavy metal may posed significant health hazards manifesting symptoms such as headache, weakness, muscle and joint pains, constipation and fatigue. In worst cases, they have been known to cause debilitating ailments and diseases such as neurological, cardiovascular, and liver disease.

Detoxification process naturally holds a negative charge and will bond with toxins for safe and effective removal. It brings positive effect to the body’s metabolic processes by promoting more efficient transportation of nutrients to cells. It disarms free radicals, binds and discharges toxic substances and effects deacidification.

Aesthetic Tissue Regeneration

  • Non-Immunogenic
  • Accelerates cell renewal and repair
  • Allogeneic cell sources
  • Naturally occurring biologicals in human body
  • Preferential homing at targeted tissue or cells
  • Intracellular transfer of therapeutic biological materials.

Exosomes are cell-derived vesicles that are present in many and perhaps all biological fluids, including blood, urine, and cultured medium of cell cultures. Heralded as the latest advancement in modern stem cell research. Exosomes forte are a new class of cell-secreted signaling molecules with immense rejuvenative potential. Mainly responsible for the paracrine stimulation in stem cell therapy, transferring both proteomic and genomic materials between cells to influence cell behaviour and physiology.

Total Body & Face Whitening

  • Whitening effect
  • Botanical
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Anti-melanoma
  • Non-Irritant

Ultra white is a powerful whitening peptide proven to rapidly decrease, melanin production for noticeably difference in skin brightness. Discovered in tomato plant extracts, Ultra White Peptide effectively binds with muscarinic receptor 2 in melanocytes to inhibit the oxidization of tyrosine. With the use of the Ultra White, melanin production is arrested, reducing manifestations of dark pigments on the dermal surface. Research has also demonstrated Ultra Whites effect in reducing melanoma-cancer in vivo providing an added long-term benefit to skin-health maintenance. Ultra White is available in normal strength (x1) and triple strength (x3).

Plaque Control Against Fatty Liver & Cardio Regeneration

  • Clears out plaque
  • Normalizes total cholesterol
  • Increases HDL (High Density Lipoprotein)
  • Lowers LDL (Lower Density Lipoprotein) and VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein)
  • Lowers Triglycerides
  • Improves liver function
  • Improves kidney function
  • Improves blood rheology
    Rejuvenates all cell membranes

Plaque Therapy reduces plaque deposits and decreases high cholesterol levels from your system with a compelling formulation based on soy-based phosphatidylcholine. Plaque Therapy promotes cell restoration, rebuilds cell membrane and restores cellular function to manage cholesterol levels and prevent plaque build-up. It enhances nutrition movements through and between cells thereby playing remarkable anti-aging role. Some of the benefits include repairs cell viability, revitalizes organs, restores anatomy, regenerates systems, regulates and detoxifies.