Pillar 1: Diagnose

The diagnostic protocol starts with detailed history-taking and physical examination.
A lot of attention is paid to the guest’s lifestyle, environment, and exposure to toxins, heavy metals, history of trauma (both physical and emotional), stress and nutrition.

A thorough systemic physical examination aims to pick up all subtle signs of the organism’s imbalance. Apart from the standard laboratory and biochemical examinations, the assessment of oxidative stress and anti-oxidative system, sex hormones and certain vitamin levels are required.

To begin treatment, it is vital for us to determine the underlying cause of disease and the real conditional state of each patient. This is achieved through lengthy wellness assessment, non-invasive clinical onsite testing as well as offsite pathology and laboratory tests. Our various instruments feature various complementary biomedical devices as well as conventional diagnostic tools.

Bio Med Scan

This is a Biologic diagnostic device that analyzes the functional state of the patient in terms of heart rate variability; It also evaluates the autonomic nervous system, hormonal regulation and energy resources, psycho- emotional status, adaptation level and biological age.

Bio Medi Pulse Body Check

A diagnostic device designed to read the human pulse with specific pressure testing methods to reveal the bioenergetics state of the body. Employing the principles of acupuncture, these pressure points correspond to specific organs in the body. This diagnostic tool is a reliable alternative for identifying root causes of organ disturbances, prevention of diseases and monitoring of certain treatment modalities.

Oligoscan (Heavy Metal Testing)

A diagnostic device that determines the levels of heavy metals and minerals in the body by employing the principle of Spectrophotometry. Heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies are a few of the more common underlying common causes of illness.

Bio Mammo Scan

The Bio Mammo Scan is an advanced non-radiation breast scanning device. It is used to diagnose a variety of breast diseases, including early detection of breast cancer. It employs the principle of microwave radiometry which measures the change in temperature of tissues. There is no ionizing radiation or trauma to the breasts involved unlike mammograms, making it a safe and accurate alternative.


The EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll ) is a method of evaluating energy balance in the body by measuring the resistance of acupuncture points. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, electrodermal testing involves measuring bioelectric impedance of acupuncture points in response to changes in the physiological functions of the organs in the body. This test is indicated for suspicion of energy imbalances and serves as an adjunctive tool for the proper diagnosis of different disease process.

Skin Health Analyzer

The health of our skin reflects our inner health. Premature aging of skin may be a symptom of oxidative stress or too much free radical activities. It could also be due to excess sugar intake or the presence of toxin that have not been cleared out of the body. The parameters that we measure indirectly reflect the causes mentioned earlier and these include the assessment of wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation, moistures and skin type.