Cellular Health

Cellular Health Programs, offers patients a new approach to health called Biological Medicine- the Germanic European tradition of natural healing. It is a model of integrated medicine which combines modern diagnostic, therapeutic equipment and wide range of natural healing methods and remedies.

Biological Medicine rebuilds the body cell by cell

Natural Athletic Performance Enhancement

There are ways to improve one’s athletic performance without resorting to drugs or illegal substances. We have scientifically-validated diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that address the underlying imbalances that hinder a person from achieving his personal best at whatever sport he or she may be involved in. We also use natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, cell extracts and cell therapies to accomplish that goal.

Male Revitalization

As men age, signs and symptoms such as the following occur namely; wrinkling of the skin, osteoporosis, mood changes, hair loss, changes in body composition and cardiovascular disease, among others. We normally encounter these symptoms in men in their 60’s or older but we’re seeing them in much younger men nowadays. Possible reasons for these include nutritional deficiencies, pharmaceuticals such as statins, and environmental toxicity. With our male revitalization program, we address all the possible causes of aging in men and correct imbalances using macro and micronutrients, cell extracts and peptides and cell therapy.

Female Revitalization

Women’s health continues to be a very hot topic. Just consider the popularity of Bio Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT). Before this treatment modality became popular, women used to be treated with synthetic hormones with all of its concomitant side effects. Nowadays, women have more options. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance or aging in general, can now be treated safely, effectively and on a long-term basis without side effects using macro and micronutrients, cell extracts and peptides as well as individualized cell therapy.

Cellular Detoxification

One of the most popular theories behind aging is the waste accumulation theory. With the build-up of toxins in the body, whether it’s endogenous (from internal metabolism) or exogenous (that from the environment), it ultimately affects cellular functioning. All toxins are what we call “cellular poisons”. One of the most sensitive parts of the cell is the mitochondria. When this cellular component is damaged, it affects everything from energy production to cellular repair processes. Therefore, in order to function optimally or age gracefully, one has to do regular cellular detoxification using safe and evidence-based therapeutic modalities. At EW-TFSB, we use modalities that are non-invasive initially and proceed from there, always keeping in mind the Hippocratic Oath of “first, do no harm”.


Our immune system is our body’s first line of defense against foreign invaders, whether in the form of allergens, toxins or microbes. As such, it has to function optimally at all times. Otherwise, an overwhelmed immune system leads to whole system breakdown leading to signs and symptoms of illness. Our immune system can be overactive as well, leading to debilitating symptoms that is usually treated in conventional medical circles through suppression of the immune system which could lead to further problems, such as opportunistic infections. We don’t just treat the symptoms but more importantly, we treat the underlying cause or causes of an overactive or underactive immune system using safe and clinically-effective treatment modalities.


Not all stress is harmful. In fact, some stress is beneficial for overall health. Extreme stress though, that affects an individual’s vitality and overall functioning, is detrimental to one’s long-term health. Stress often connotes emotional hardships but stress may also be physical, mental, electro-magnetic, social, spiritual and environmental. That’s why part of our initial diagnostics involves a psycho-emotional consult as well since some physical symptoms a person may be experiencing could be stress-induced. We address stress in a holistic manner, treating not only the symptoms but better yet, the underlying cause/causes. We use different modalities ranging from “talk therapy”, physical activity, frequency based therapies (RASHA morphogenetic frequency treatment, electro sleep therapy, Bio Lux gem therapy, herbal adaptogens, nutraceuticals, IV therapies, hormone balancing, and cell therapies. All treatments are personalized according to client’s needs.

Body Composition Optimization

Majority of weight loss programs do not deliver because of its wrong basic assumptions such as less caloric intake equals weight loss. These programs do not consider the role that inflammation, hormones, food sensitivities, gut flora, physical activity, etc. play in having an abnormal body composition, meaning less lean muscle mass and more body fat. Relying on the weighing scale alone is not the best way of monitoring progress. Clothes size or better yet, having your body composition analyzed is the best way to know whether one is improving or not. We address every possible cause of abnormal body fat percentage by using clinically-tested and evidence-based approaches involving individualized nutrition, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, hormones, cell extracts and peptides and cell therapy.

Ultra Wellness/ Prevention

For people who would like to optimize their health, prevent illness, eliminate or reduce their dependence on prescription medicines or just leave nothing to chance, the best thing to do is to undergo our comprehensive, evidence-based, technologically-advanced diagnostic tests and then undergo the successive processes of detoxification, repair and rejuvenation. With our comprehensive, personalized program, our clients can feel and look their best at their age at any age.