CLEAN RETREAT is a medical wellness program using a holistic biological medicine approach to deliver individualized cleanse program with the aim of strengthening the immune system, improving blood circulation, and reinforcing other physiological processes to restore the body’s internal balance.

Deacidification Program
(Colon & Gut Health) Digestive Health

This improves the overall digestive health that balances the microbiome of the gut. An unhealthy and toxic gut can contribute to many diseases such as: skin diseases, autoimmune conditions, sleep problems or constant fatigue, weight problems, mood swings, and many more. Cleansing or removing the toxins from the colon and other organs at a cellular level is a great way to refresh, energize the body, and an effective way to promote optimum health.

Liver Rescue Program

Toxins enter the body and pass into the bloodstream and lead to the liver. A healthy liver will help the body on regulating the blood sugar, aids in breaking down and absorbing fat by producing bile that will eventually be released through the stool, and it breaks down old or damaged blood cells making it the blood recycler.

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metals can be acquired from the environment, hygienic and cosmetic products, and food. Increased accumulation of heavy metals could alter or damage the major organs, can cause skin problems, fatigue, hormone imbalances, and many more. Removing the heavy metals in the system will make the body energized, fresh, and healthy.

Cellular Detoxification Program

This program is designed to remove toxins through the 7 channels of the body focusing on the lungs, colon, skin, liver, kidneys, blood, and lymphatic system. Maintaining the optimal health of these channels will provide a way for our bodies to repair, rejuvenate, slows down the aging process, and an effective way to promote optimum health.