CLEAN L.I.T.E Program focuses on detoxification of the colon & gut, liver, and flushing of heavy metals. This will strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, and reinforce other physiological processes to restore the body’s internal balance.
Program includes: Biological Body Scan, Colon Hydro Therapy, Infrared Therapy, Biologic Intravenous Infusion. Massage Therapy by Niyama Wellness Center , Gut Health “Soul Foods” by Anila Restaurant and Room Accomodation by Anya Resort.

Biological Body Scan

Biological Body Scan allows us to be able to rule what your biological age is, which is the real health status of your body.

Colon Hydro Therapy

Enhance digestive health for better nutrient absorption and stronger
immune system through Colon Hydro Therapy

Infrared Therapy

Sweat out the toxins and burn extra calories through Infrared Bioresonance Therapy

Biologic Intravenous Infusion

Invigorate your body with a mixture of high dose vitamins and minerals through IV Therapy

Massage Therapy by Niyama Wellness Center

Reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension through Massage Therapy

Gut Health “Soul Foods” by Anila Restaurant

Remove acid from your body to restore its PH balance through Alkaline food.

Room Accommodation by Anya Resort

Overnight accommodation in a spacious suite with a balcony for a more relaxing view.